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Joint declaration of Balkan and European NGOs

June 20th 1999

The war in Kosovo and the Nato bombing of the FRY have caused a need deep trauma in the Balkan region. The populations were already confronted to a very big economic crisis, due to the "transition period".

A major economic support should be decided by the International community to allow the return of refugees, and to secure neighbouring countries which have mainly carried the weight of the war, which has worsened the economic devastation.

We, as NGOs, consider it a priority to create the conditions for the civil society , to participate in the process of stabilisation and reconstruction.

We believe that the bases of a lasting peace will be garanteed if a new impetus is given to democracy in the Balkans, on non-nationalist grounds and in the respect of human rights, of womenís and childrenís rights, in the rights of minorities.

Therefore we demand:


- An International Conference on reconstruction and development of the area, including Yugoslavia (R.F.Y.), with the participation of representatives of the civil society (NGOs, Trade Unions, citizen groups,...) It will ensure the ability for populations to take part in this process on the basis of their needs.

- The creation of a financial fund to help NGOs in their work and projects, to implement a new dynamics of democracy and give back to populations a control over their destinies.

- Confidence-building measures to facilitate detente, the return to a normal public life and the security of ethnic minorities, at the forefront of which stand important comprehensive disarmament measures, under UN control.

We propose to :

- formalize the existence of a "watch network" between Balkan and European NGOs to help for dialogue, the circulation of information and solidarity on actions or projects.

- launch the idea of a Conference of Balkan and European NGOs in order to cooperate together for the regionís stability and for conflict prevention.

Skopje June 20th. 1999

Savka Todorovska, (Union of the Women organization of Macedonia),

Bogdan Denitch, (President Institute for Transitions to democracy), Croatia.

Mujesira Haman (Association of women of Tuzla), BiH,

Sonja Lokar (European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity, "CEE Network for gender issues"

Ivan Aleksic (Centar za proucavanje alternativa/ Center for Policy Studies from , Belgrade,yugoslavia)

Irina Subotic -Belgrade, Yougoslavia)

Jelena Santic -Grupa 484 (Belgrade, Yougoslavia)

Dr Vesna Nikolic-Ristanovic (President, Victimology Society of Serbia)

Vesna Stanojevic, Counseling against family violence, Belgrade (Serbia)

Arielle Denis, Mouvement de la Paix (France)

Patrick Simon, Mouvement de la Paix (France)

Michel Baumale, Maire de Stain (France)